The Watcher is a travel and lifestyle guide created in collaboration with Nika Levando Birman


The Watcher is a lifestyle and travel blog created in collaboration with my wife, Nika.


NYC: Slow(er)

New York is always a good idea. We'd never considered traveling for Independence Day, mostly because Chicago hot dogs and muggy summer days are second nature now, but this year, with good reason (happy birthday George!) and a vip invite to one of the best spots for viewing the Macy's fireworks on the Hudson (thanks Billy!), we ventured east for the 4th. 

Empty, relaxed, slow(er). Three words you'll never see in a post about the Big Apple. Intrigued? NYC on 4th of July weekend is like the mass exodus from Egypt. Where'd everyone go? The Hamptons, Sag Harbor, Montauk, etc.. Meanwhile, the city is more at peace and a little less noisy. We (the Chicago imposters that we are) spent a couple of days absorbing the moment before hopping on the train and heading to the coast ourselves. In those moments, where the opportunity to pause and observe were more than abundant, the layers of this multi-faceted, multi-character, multi-generational, multi-cultural, mecca slowly unpeeled. And yet, despite the feeling of a city that is much less crowded during the holiday than you're used to, the essence of this town became ever more present: great style, a good time, and a fantastic slice of 'za

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