The Watcher is a travel and lifestyle guide created in collaboration with Nika Levando Birman


The Watcher is a lifestyle and travel blog created in collaboration with my wife, Nika.


All You Can Drink

For the third year in a row, the South Loop Beer and Cider Fest came to my neighborhood for a three hour, all-you-can-drink PARTY. Admittedly, this was my first time attending, but I felt obligated since it took place right in my new back yard. Let me tell you, when brewers like Begyle, Haymarket, Hopewell, Lo-Rez, and Motor Row are generously filling your glass, you can't help but turn up with the alderman and the neighbors. 

My lens was a little more focused than my vision after a while, so the photos speak for themselves. 

If you're into craft beer and good vibes, check out this weekend's Wisconsin Craft Beer Cruise on Lake Michigan from the same organizers (Brewfest Partners). Hit this link to apply my discount code and see the list of participating brewers. 

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