The Watcher is a travel and lifestyle guide created in collaboration with Nika Levando Birman


The Watcher is a lifestyle and travel blog created in collaboration with my wife, Nika.


Watcher Origins Pt 1: Street style

With renewed hopes to blog more, I’m dedicating a few posts to the origins of what ultimately became The Watcher: street style and food. There was never a shortage for subject matter or inspiration - I found details at every corner and on every table. Whether it was unfashionable or poorly presented, I sought to show the ordinary in a different light. What was lacking, however, was the skill to capture what I saw and the platform to share it. Eventually, The Watcher became a training ground for writing, posting, Wordpress templating, and marketing before I understood what marketing was. There was no focus until I decided that international culture in Chicago is a common thread across my posts, and as much as my Instagram doesn’t reflect it now, street style as I see it has always been a subject of my creative origins. 

Here are a few select scenes from past travels. 

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