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An Opulent Moment with Rémy Martin

When Baptiste Loiseau raises a glass of Rémy Martin XO, you reciprocate, and then you repeat for several takes during a video shoot at 10 am on a Monday. Having been raised in a cognac-drinking household, it was a true honor to interview and toast with the youngest Cellar Master, who is just 36 years old, in Rémy Martin's almost 300-year history. A new checkmark on my bucket list. 


The visit was an activation of rare sorts, consisting of an "Opulence Reveal". Let's take a dictionary break here... op·u·lence [noun]: great wealth or luxuriousness. And that's exactly what Baptiste and Rémy Martin delivered on May 16th, when their floral wall came apart revealing a royal spread of pairings. Upon the reveal, Baptiste took center stage to explain how the aged Parmesan cheese wheel, dried apricots, fresh figs, honeycomb, Valrhona Chocolates and more compliment the rich notes of the Rémy Martin XO blend.

But don't take it from me, take it from the man who spends his life tasting cognac: 

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