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Working Lunch with Jimmy John’s

Unlike most sane people I work with, I tend to skip the conventional lunch break and scarf something down without even noticing it. One can say lunch consumes me more than I consume my lunch in order to get some extra work done. This post, however, is about a more memorable lunch I enjoyed to preview the new 9-grain wheat sub from Jimmy John’s. 


It occurs to me that you might not know what I do for work. No, I am not a full time instagrammer or blogger, although there was a stressful period when freelancing sustained. Currently, I’m a Creative Director at a digital marketing agency called Mabbly, where I run the content department and help with UI/UX direction. And, as you can tell, I still collaborate with brands because it’s 2018 and a side hustle is mandatory.   

The point is, my brain needs food ALL DAY. This sandwich from JJ’s is rocket fuel and I’m pretty sure it’s in the grains: Rye, Flaxseed, Quinoa, Millet, Oats, Barley, Amarath, Wheat and Spelt plus: molasses, honey, sunflower seeds, and corn meal. Now I remember why I ate this stuff in college - brain food for the hustle! 


*This is a sponsored post for Jimmy John’s.

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