The Watcher is a travel and lifestyle guide created in collaboration with Nika Levando Birman


The Watcher is a lifestyle and travel blog created in collaboration with my wife, Nika.


Taste of Peninsula

If there's one cheat day you're scheduling ahead for this year, make sure the Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula Chicago is at the top of your days with #noKale. I'm one of the few people I know who can begin any meal with dessert first, and in this case, you can't blame me. Out of the three dining options at Peninsula Chicago, the Chocolate Bar at The Lobby Restaurant, is by far the most decadent. Think, plates and plates of chocolate glazed marshmallow lollypops, pistachio chocolate cakes, macarons, and a made-to-order hot cocoa bar with options for those of us who are dairy-free as well. But Peninsula's extravagant dining offerings don't just end (or begin) with their dessert selection.

Come fall, Peninsula's Shanghai Terrace restaurant pays homage to the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and offers guests a taste of handmade moon pies (American style); a beautifully crafted miniature pastry made of flour, butter, and sugar, topped with a Chinese emblem representing the traditions of the holiday. And, of course, if you're a Peninsula regular, don't fret - Executive Chef Toni Robertson says Peninsula's famous Club Sandwich isn't going anywhere any time soon! Whether you're into a more casual dining option at Pierrot Gourmet, an intimate dinner at The Lobby, or a festive cocktail hour at the Shanghai Terrace, Peninsula delivers a grand culinary tour. 

(words by Nika Levando)

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